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Do you know mow much money do you spend on ink? If you usually use your printer, for sure that it is a big money. If you are one of those users, this piece of software will be welcomed.

We can make that question in a different way which will attract you: Do you know how much money could you save? And, again, if you use your printer daily, the answer is the same, a big money, maybe more than you can imagine, if we tell you you can save up to a 75% you will realize it’s not a joke and it will be necessary to try it.

But, How does it do it? It optimizes the printing jobs and minimizes the ink consumption, and the quality of the prinitng will remain the same.

In addition it includes an optino which will tell you how much money you are saving at any moment, for that, you only have to insert the cartridge price and it will calculate it automatically.

15-day trial version

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